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Publicity Rights are rights to utilize names and portraits of celebrities as assets.
Names and portraits of celebrities have power to induce marketing of products when used in commercial purpose,
and celebrities hold rights to control financial profit and value which draw customers
(Pink Lady Case, Supreme Court, sentenced on February 2,2012).
When using pictures of celebrities, one must ask for permission, not from copy right holders only, but also from the celebrities who are the photographic subjects.
Violators of Publicity Rights can be claimed for damages and demanded suspension

Entertainers eventually lost in this case. However, this is an important case concerning the Publicity Rights.
A women's magazine carried an article about diet using pictures of Pink Lady.
Since the publiser did not obtain a permission from Pink Lady for the use of their pictures, Pink Lady sued the publisher.
The Supreme Court did not award damages for the use of pictures for the reason that those picutres were small.
However, this is the first case in which the Supreme Court recognized the Publicty Rights of entertainers.
(Supreme Court, February 2, 2014)

Activity Report

  • Enlightenment Advertising Campaign "Screen Saver Transmission"
  • Certain Chain store information terminal unit (60 stores, 1222 units)
  • Illegitimate commodity measure conference (symposium) attendance (support: The National Police Agency, etc.)
  • Report concerning Economic Industrial Ministry and illegitimate commodity measure (intellectual property protection)
  • Enlightenment Advertising Campaign "Fancy Shop"
  • Enlightenment Advertising Campaign "Fancy goods trend show guide book"
  • Taiwan "Asian intellectual commodity right research inspection"
  • Enlightenment Advertising campaign "Outdoor large screen vision" Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka
  • Workshop regarding publicity right
  • Enlightenment Advertising Campaign "Station Pasting Poster"

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※All year around -Monitoring, warning, and exposing unauthorized portrait merchandise.
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